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Objectives of Kids Krav Ireland:

  • To teach children self defense techniques.
  • To teach children to recogonise and understand dangers.
  • To give children the tools they need to handle difficult and violent situations.
  • To build resilience, self belief and independance.
  • So that one may be a better person.

Instructor's Responsibilities:

  • To act in the best interest of the students at all times.
  • To act with integrity and respect towards students, parents of students and other instructors at all times.
  • To treat all students equally regardless of age, ability, sex, religion, social or ethnic background etc.
  • To be positive and strive to be a good example to students.
  • To plan classes and keep up to date with Krav Maga developments.
  • To maintain respect within the club.
  • To recogonise the dangers that students face.
  • To uphold and promote a 'no violence' policy inside and outside of the club.
  • To listen to the students.
  • To encourage the students.
  • To start and end the class with a 'Kida' to the students.
  • To emphasize that the students are teaching each other, not competing with each other.
  • To respect the confidentiality ot the students where required.
  • To create an enjoyable environment.
  • All IKMF Kids instructors to maintain up to date Garda Vetting 

 Student's Responsibilities:

  • To act with integrity and respect towards instructors, parents and others students at all times.
  • To wear the approprite clothing (Club T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, runners).
  • To hold a valid IKMF 'Passport'/Membership
  • To arrive on time for class.
  • To follow the instructor's instructions.
  • To inform the instructor if s/he will be late or absent from class.
  • Not to engage in bullying, cheating or abusive behaviour.

 Parent's Responsibilities:

  • To act with integrity and respect towards insturctors, students and other parents at all times.
  • To inform the instructor of any medical condition of the student.
  • To inform the instructor if the student will be late or absent from class (in situations where the student cannot infom the instructor her/himself).
  • To behave responsibily.
  • To support efforts to eradicate bullying and abusive behaviour.
  • Not to photograph or film the students or instructor without their permission and/or the permission of their parent/guardian.
  • To be present at the finishing time of class, seminar, tournament etc.